Checkpoint EHR Pricing

The perfect EHR Software no matter what size practice you have. 

The monthly fee can vary based on your monthly revenue up to 1.8%

For healthcare organizations, EHRs (electronic health records) are one of the top items to plan a budget for. EHRs are essential because they help increase efficiency, streamline your services, help you connect with patients, and more! Many EHR businesses, however, aren’t transparent with their pricing, and it can be tricky to select a system that works for your practice. At Checkpoint EHR, we like to keep our pricing structure transparent and easy to understand.

Have more questions? Give us a call and one of our knowledgeable representatives will help you discover how your bottom line can benefit from switching to Checkpoint EHR.

Access All of Checkpoint EHR

Where other EHRs charge extra, Checkpoint EHR pricing gives you freedom:

• Unlimited Users
• Unlimited Clients
• Unlimited Electronic Claims
• Unlimited Client Reminders

Take that task of finding a clearinghouse off your mind — we’ll take care of it. Other EHRs require you to set up a clearinghouse provider yourself, but not with the simple Checkpoint EHR pricing plan.

If you’re starting your practice as a solo user, we charge a flat rate $100 sign up fee with an additional monthly fee, based off of your revenue. This tier gets you access to all the features of Checkpoint EHR that our other tiers do, at no additional cost. And when you grow your business, we don’t charge additional fees for adding on users — that’s right. No fees for adding on additional users! You also get access to unlimited clients, free appointment reminders, and no add-on fees for clearinghouse, support, or billing. See more of our features here.

Practices with up to ten users fall within our Small Agency tier. Pay a one-time sign up fee of $300, and as mentioned above, as your business grows, you can add on as many users and clients at no additional cost.

If you’re starting out as a Large Agency (an agency with 11 or more users), we charge a one-time sign up fee of $500. Just like the other tiers, pay no additional fees for adding on users or clients to your practice. After the initial sign up fee, you just pay the monthly fee based off of your monthly revenue, and you’ll get access to all of our support, features, and more!

Features You Can Expect From Checkpoint EHR:

Customer Support

System Upgrades

Authorization Tracking

Credentials Tracking

Client Reminders

Online Assessments

Cloud-Based System

Data Visualizing

Document Library


An EHR Invested In Your Success

You should be rewarded for growing, not penalized. The Checkpoint EHR pricing plan has no extra fees for adding more users, adding more clients, or expanding your practice. Simply pay the same percentage of revenue each month after an initial setup fee.

It’s time for your EHR to start facilitating your success instead of hindering it. Your growth as an organization is directly related to the success of our own business, forming a relationship that fosters a robust and trustworthy partnership. We don’t charge like other EHRs, because we’re different from other EHRs.

Checkpoint EHR’s mission is to help you increase your workflow efficiency as well as your quality of care. Spend more time with your patients and less time worrying about billing, costs, or authorizations. We’ve got you covered. Contact Integrity Support today to request a demonstration!